Tips to Use Digital Camera Pink Kodak Like Other Kodak Digital

Digital camera pink Kodak developed and introduced by Kodak has a number of distinctive features that had popularized this beautiful camera. This pink colored compact digital Kodak camera has14 Megapixels resolutions and 28mm, 8x optical zoom lens to shoot excellent still as well as video images. The light sensitivity level of this stylishly designed
slim camera is High ISO (3200). Its 3″ display allows you to preview the images
perfectly before shooting them. this Kodak digital camera allows you to make
High Definition audio and video recording. You can use face detection and image
stabilization features of this camera to get better results inn your images. You
can directly upload the images from camera to Kodak gallery to share them on
various social networking websites including YouTube, Facebook, Flickr

Digital camera pink Kodak can be used easily due to some of the
usual features included in almost all the digital cameras produced by

Features of Kodak digital camera

Scene modes: You
can use Scene Modes of the pink digital camera for taking pictures at any
suitable time. a number of different Scene modes are provided in Kodak digital
cameras in its different model to allow you to take pictures in different
photographic conditions. For instance you can click photos in bright sun light
in its beach mode. Similarly sports mode allows you to take pictures of fast
moving sporting events. These modes adjust the camera as per the shooting
conditions at a particular point.

Macro mode: While taking the
pictures of the closer objects with Kodak digital camera you can use Macro mode
by pressing a button on the back of the camera to get the best results in your
picture. After the activating this mode once it keeps the closer items in focus
unless it is deactivated.

Turn Off the Display: Turn off the display
feature of the Kodak digital camera allows you to save the battery power of your
camera as it uses lots of power if kept on even while the camera is not in use.
Display can be turned off by pressing DISP button on your Kodak digital

Add additional memory through Memory Card: You can increase
the capacity of shooting images and videos from the Kodak digital camera by
purchasing a higher capacity Memory Card. Kodak digital pink camera has
integrated memory upto 64 MB which can be increased upto 4-8 GB by inserting
additional memory card through the memory card slot provided on it. Large
capacity memory cards allow you to click photos and videos for longer time
without changing the memory cards again and again.

Thus you can
suitably use digital camera pink Kodak after knowing all of its features. Buy
one now.

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